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SiteLock provides full-size security to small business. They are confident in helping your business sale increase through establishing trust, confidence and security for your site customers. SiteLock has basic, premium and SMB enterprise packages which you can first avail in free trial and later can be purchase in an affordable price that ranges from $99 -$499 per year or $10 per month. Each package will have the following features that will depend on the type of plan you choose:

  • SiteLock Certificate
  • User Web Apps
  • User Plug-in Application
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Backdoors
  • Malware Scanning
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injections
  • Basic Spam Verification
  • Advanced Spam Verification
  • Business Verification
  • Domain Name Verification
  • Phone Number Verification
  • Postal Mail Verification
  • SSL Verification
  • Core Apps
  • Web Servers
  • SMTP
  • Service Detection
  • External Network Scan
  • Virus Scan
SiteLock: What makes it different?

The key points and benefits you can get from SiteLock are:

  • Eliminating database vulnerabilities.
  • Securing your network.
  • Removing unnecessary malware.
  • Recovering your reputation.
  • Aids in establishing trust with your customers.
  • Helps boost site traffic to increase sales.
  • Helps build confidence through building strong reputation with your customers.
SiteLock vs. primary competitors (sites similar to SiteLock)

Compare vs. leading rival(s)

WebSafe Shield, ControlScan and McAfee are the 3 leading competitors of SiteLock. Let us compare each of them when it comes to the following factors:

  • Increases customer trust with certificate – WebSafe Shield, ControlScan, McAfee and Sitelock got all YES for this factor.
  • Secures your website against hackers – All these internet security providers got YES.
  • Showcases the legitimacy of your business with 3rd party verification – Only SiteLock got point in this factor.
  • Alerts you instantly if there is a problem – All these them got YES in this factor.
  • Caters to the business owner (not security engineers) – Only SiteLock got YES here.
  • Enables actionable insight through an easy to use dashboard – SiteLock, WebSafe Shield and McAfee got YES here. On the other hand this factor is not applicable in ControlScan.
  • Monitors spam blacklists to ensure you are not losing customers – Only SiteLock got YES here.
  • Detects malware before it ruins your site's reputation – Only SiteLock and McAfee got YES here.
  • Delivers at the right price for small & medium-sized online businesses – SiteLock offer the lowest rate of $10 while WebSafe Shield cost $600, ControlScan is $1500 and McAfee for $1800.
SiteLock: Product images & screenshots
SiteLock Coupons
SiteLock: Customer reviews & comments

Whether you’re absolutely new to internet jobs or you want to start a website for your home business, SiteLock is the best and the perfect partner for you to succeed in your online career.

Many sites today are not gaining revenue due to just one missing factor. This factor is vital to succeed in any online business and that is called internet security. You must ensure you’re your customers will be satisfied with your services and this can be easily attained by just ensuring security and trust with your customers, just like SiteLock does for you being their customer.

Read the following testimonials of SiteLock customers to proof how effective their products and service are:

“The services offered by Sitelock are excellent, professional and very competitive prices. We are very pleased to have chosen Sitelock.” - Servizio Informazioni of 

“Since we started displaying the seal on our home page, our sales has been increased. We notice that customers are more confident at placing orders and as a business owner I highly recommended.” -  Fabiola Diamond of

“The SiteLock seal shows our customers that we are serious about protecting their data and ensures them that our website is safe and secure. We have seen an increase in conversions since implementing SiteLock on our eCommerce website.” -  Steven J. Spohn, President & CEO Spohn Performance, Inc.

SiteLock: Detailed review

Detailed Review

SiteLock was founded in the principle that Internet Security should not be expensive and should be accessible to large corporation and small business providing easy to use products.

SiteLock has tenured investors in web design and telecommunications solutions to small business owners. It is administer by tested security veterans trained at Caltech, MIT, Wharton and Stanford.

All SiteLock packages offer various security features that guarantees sales increase. Also, you can first avail there free trial program prior to purchasing the type of plan you want. You will be protected and secured with SiteLock for as low as $10 per month.

The key benefits you can get from SiteLock are basically trust and security that is equal to profit or increase in sales. Once you avail their products and services, you are sure to build strong reputation with your customers.

SiteLock products and services are needed by people who are into website building and those who have online business website. If you want to place your business site on the top, you will need to purchase internet security that will protect your business, build trust to your customers and increase your sales. SiteLock offers these in an affordable cost and easy to use products.

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Comments (2)
Shirley Byard

So far I am disappointed with Sitelock. I upgraded to Sitelock Plus. My site was hacked and I did not receive an email. I think they only scan one time every 24 hours. They say they have 24 hour service but when you call the number on their site, you get an answering machine saying they will call you back at "Normal Business Hours" . Before I throw more money their way, I need to know that this will work. They offer a 30 day trial, but you do not get to take advantage of any of the free promo offerings. They want your credit card number before you try the software. Is this really the best service for me?

So far they have let me down. I can not get anything done with customer service. Thet submit a support ticket and nothing ever gets done. I have the $150.00 a year package and still no support or help.Very frustrating.

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